Taste the Air-Chilled Difference®

Taste the Air-Chilled Difference

Smart Chicken is dedicated to producing the safest, highest quality chicken in the United States while exemplifying excellence in all aspects of customer service.
  • Pure Air-Chilled

  • No Added Water

  • No Antibiotics EVER

  • No Animal By-Products

  • No Growth Stimulants

  • Hand-Trimmed

  • Cage Free

  • Humanely Raised

  • Sustainably Farmed

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“Smart Chicken is the most delicious, ethically sourced, and humanely raised chicken on the market.”
–Jenni Houston, nutritionist, Nantucket, MA
“Since I discovered Smart Chicken several years ago, I simply cannot eat any other chicken. I love that the chickens are treated in a humane manner as possible, the cold processing, the no antibiotics, and lastly the taste. I have had so many farm folk and older folk tell me that it tastes like the chicken that they enjoyed on the farm. I actually stand in the grocery and encourage others to try it! Thank you Smart people!”

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